Leibniz Institute of European History Research Position in European History (19th/20th-century)

Deadline: October 16

Length: 5 years

Comments: (From Google Translate) “The applicant will carry out a research project focusing on the interdisciplinary research program of the IEG on dealing with differences in modern Europe (about 1500-1990) (http://www.ieg-mainz.de/media /IEG_Forschungsprogramm_2018-2023_dt.pdf). With her project, she / she is involved in one of the three research areas of the IEG, which will be reoriented from 2018 onwards under the perspectives of “pluralization and marginality”, “sacralization and deacralization” as well as “mobility and bordering”. The cooperation between historiography and the religious disciplines as well as the digital humanities is of great importance.

URL: http://www.ieg-mainz.de/Ausschreibungen—Ausschreibungen-im-Detail—2017-09-19-Wissenschaftliche-r-Mitarbeiter-in-19–20–Jahrhundert——_site.site..ls_dir._siteid.64_nav.9_entryid.52_likecms.html

Bucknell University Assistant Professorship in German Studies

Deadline: October 15

Length: Tenure track

Comments: “The successful candidate will teach courses in beginning and intermediate German, as well as courses in the target language on [post-1800] German-Jewish literature and culture. Furthermore, the successful candidate will teach courses in English on German-Jewish literature and culture.”

URL: http://careers.bucknell.edu/cw/en-us/job/493825/open-rank-tenure-track-in-german-studies

University of California-Santa Cruz Visiting Assistant Professorship in German Literature

Deadline: March 13

Length: 1 year

Comments: “Teaching and research expertise in Goethe, Romanticism, or literature and philosophy is preferable. Research areas may also include: poetry, prose fiction and drama; critical theory; visual culture; Jewish Studies; material culture; travel; migration, diaspora, colonialism and post-colonialism; workers’ and social movements; relations between Germany and Russia / Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East; gender, race and sexuality; or digital humanities”

URL: https://recruit.ucsc.edu/apply/JPF00422

Princeton University Assistant Professorship in German Literature and Culture

Deadline: Original deadline 11/4; re-posted on HigherEdJobs.com 12/2

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We invite applications for a position, at the rank of tenure-track assistant professor, in any field of German literature and culture, including associated fields such as intellectual history, Jewish studies, and philosophy. We are especially interested in scholars whose research lies primarily before 1890.

URL: jobs.princeton.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=69124

Youngstown State University Assistant Professorship in Early Modern/Modern Europe/Directorship of Judaic and Holocaust Studies

Deadline: Open until filled

Length: Unstated — probably tenure-track

Comments: “Will serve as director of Judaic and Holocaust Studies [and] teach undergraduate and/or graduate courses in relevant fields: Jewish History, Early Modern and/or Modern Europe”

URL: https://jobs.ysu.edu/postings/3214

McGill University Assistant Professorship in Cultural Analytics

Deadline: December 15

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: The “primary area of specialization in the field of cultural analytics and digital humanities. Candidates may be working in a variety of subfields across the humanities and social sciences, including literature, history, anthropology, music, photography, art history, cinema, linguistics, information studies, and cultural or media studies, and must have a demonstrable research program that uses computational analysis for the study of culture. Special emphasis should be given to methods that connect with critical approaches to cultural study, such as feminist, post-colonial, transnational, Indigenous, queer-, disability-, or race-theoretical, or other approaches that address questions of social justice and/or inequality.

URL: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/8290

Yale University Hartman Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: February 6

Length: 12 months

Comments: “This fellowship encourages applications from scholars in history and other fields in the humanities and social sciences who can demonstrate the value of research in the [Fortunoff Video Archive of Holocaust testimonies] to their ongoing work.”

URL: http://web.library.yale.edu/testimonies/research/hartmanfellowship

Emory University Visiting/Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Deadline: February 7

Length: 1 year

Comments: “We are interested in supporting the completion of dissertation projects across the spectrum of the humanities that examine the origins, evolution, impact and legacy of race, difference, and the modern quest for civil and human rights. We also support research projects that examine race and ethnicity and its points of intersection with other identities and movements addressing differences along gender, class, religious, or sexual lines.”

URL: http://jamesweldonjohnson.emory.edu/home/fellowship/index.html