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Clark University Visiting Assistant Professorship in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Deadline: March 6

Length: 1 year

Comments: “The successful candidate will possess a doctorate in History, strong teaching credentials, and research publications. Applicants whose research demonstrates strong expertise on the Jewish perspective and experience of the Holocaust will be most competitive.”


Duke University Perilman Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies

Deadline: January 15

Length: 1 year

Comments: “The Fellowship may be used for post-doctoral studies (Ph.D. received within last three years) in any field of Jewish Studies.”


Washington University of St. Louis Friedman Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies

Deadline: February 8

Length: 1 year with possible renewal for a 2nd

Comments: “Applications will be accepted from scholars in any field of Jewish Studies.”¬† “Applicants must have earned the Ph.D. by the beginning of the fall semester 2017 and not earlier than 2014.”


University of Florida Shorstein Assistant/Associate Professorship in American Jewish Culture and Society

Deadline: February 1

Length: Apparently tenure-track

Comments: “Although the position is open to anyone with demonstrated excellence in research and teaching on the subject of American Jewry, our preference is for candidates within the social sciences.”


University of Chicago Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Social Sciences

Deadline: January 17

Length: 2 years

Comments: Seeking “junior scholars who engage issues of race and/or ethnicity within established social sciences disciplines or emergent disciplines such as Ethnic and Racial Studies, American Studies, Latina/o Studies, African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Human Rights, or Justice Studies. This search is division-wide. Successful candidates will be appointed in one of the following departments: Anthropology, Economics, History, Comparative Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.


Youngstown State University Assistant Professorship in Early Modern/Modern Europe/Directorship of Judaic and Holocaust Studies

Deadline: Open until filled

Length: Unstated — probably tenure-track

Comments: “Will serve as director of Judaic and Holocaust Studies [and] teach undergraduate and/or graduate courses in relevant fields: Jewish History, Early Modern and/or Modern Europe”


Pennsylvania State University Lecturership in Modern Jewish Cultures and Communities

Deadline: December 9 (posted on 11/22)

Length: 1 year with possibility of renewal

Comments: “Discipline is open, but apposite ones include cultural anthropology, religious studies, cultural studies, history, etc.; in any case, we will consider a dedication to interdisciplinarity an advantage.”


Washington University of St. Louis Mark Steinberg Weil Early Career Fellowship in Humanities

Deadline: January 4

Length: 2 years

Comments: “We seek scholars from within a broad range of humanities disciplines or interdisciplinary fields and are especially interested in candidates who bring with them experience in community-based projects, data science in the humanities, and/or the urban humanities.”

URL: Job 35086

McGill University Assistant Professorship in Cultural Analytics

Deadline: December 15

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: The “primary area of specialization in the field of cultural analytics and digital humanities. Candidates may be working in a variety of subfields across the humanities and social sciences, including literature, history, anthropology, music, photography, art history, cinema, linguistics, information studies, and cultural or media studies, and must have a demonstrable research program that uses computational analysis for the study of culture. Special emphasis should be given to methods that connect with critical approaches to cultural study, such as feminist, post-colonial, transnational, Indigenous, queer-, disability-, or race-theoretical, or other approaches that address questions of social justice and/or inequality.


Towson University Assistant Professorship in Modern Judaism in the Americas

Deadline: November 30

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Should possess a strong command of American Jewish history.¬†Applicants with special interest in American Jews and Israel or in cultural aspects of the Jewish diaspora in North, Central, and/or South¬†America are especially encouraged to apply.”

URL: (scroll down)