Hope College Assistant Professorship in Philosophy

Deadline: December 1

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “The area of specialization is open, but with a strong preference for someone with teaching and research interests in at least one of the following areas: Ancient/Medieval Philosophy, Ethics, or Philosophy of Mind. We also have a preference for hiring individuals with ability to teach courses that include global perspectives and cross traditional disciplinary and divisional boundaries. Examples of such courses would include those treating philosophical issues in Ecology, Economics, Sustainability, Technology, Race, and Gender, but the possibilities are not to be understood as limited to the courses listed.”

URL: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/hopeedu/jobs/1854932/philosophy-assistant-professor?pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs

Youngstown State University Assistant Professorship in 19th Century US History

Deadline: December 31

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Nineteenth-Century US, including Early National, Civil war and Reconstruction, Slavery and/or African American History.”

URL: https://jobs.ysu.edu/postings/4015

State University of New York-Stony Brook Assistant/Associate Professorship in Music

Deadline: November 3

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We have a particular interest in applicants whose research specialties intersect with one or more of these areas: music before 1600, gender and sexuality, critical race studies, or digital and new media practices.”

URL: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/10091

University of Nevada-Las Vegas Assistant Professorship in Asian and Asian American Studies

Deadline: December 1

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We are particularly interested in candidates who possess expertise in Asian American and/or Pacific Islander communities, diasporic cultures, gender and sexuality, critical race theory, and empire and colonialism.”

URL: UN-LV Asian Amer job

University of South Carolina-Columbia Assistant Professorship in Environment and Race

Deadline: November 20

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Research interests may include, but are not limited to: environmental justice; race, nature, and landscape; diversity in environmental institutions; race and class in environmental movements; the intersections of social inequality and environmental conflict; race and conservation; and race and environmental imagery.” “Potential disciplinary backgrounds could include sociology, geography, anthropology, history, public policy, political science, environmental humanities, comparative literature, African American studies, American studies and related fields.”

URL: https://uscjobs.sc.edu/postings/20441

Whitworth University Assistant Professorship in Early American History

Deadline: Unstated

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We would prefer to offer a range of courses in American history that cover not just the founders or European immigrants but also the experiences of Native Americans and African Americans, as well as U.S. interaction with Latin America. There is a possibility of teaching in American Studies, and/or Women’s and Gender Studies programs.”

URL: https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=55977

Cornell University Assistant Professorship in Africana Studies

Deadline: November 1

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We seek a candidate whose research and teaching focuses on some configuration of the following areas of inquiry: cultural geography, social and political theory, environmental inequality, eco-feminism and queer ecologies, biotechnology, bioethics, environmental sustainability (broadly and creatively defined) and/or histories of science. We are seeking interdisciplinary scholars whose work highlights methodologies and themes associated with environmental humanities with a focus on race, gender, sexuality and/or inequality as categories of analysis in the African diaspora.”

URL: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/9872

Point Loma Nazarene University Assistant/Associate Professorship in Biblical Studies

Deadline: Unstated

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “The position includes teaching upper division biblical studies, general education, and biblical language courses, academic advising, and other departmental and committee responsibilities. Candidates who work with literary, postcolonial, gender, or cultural hermeneutics are especially encouraged to apply.”

URL: Point Loma Bible job