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Potomac State College Visiting Assistant Professorship in Sociology

Length: 9 months (2016-17)

Comments: “Teaching responsibilities include Introduction to Sociology and Social Problems in Contemporary Society, Families and Society, Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Rural Life, or Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.


Eastern Washington University Lectureship in Race and Culture Studies

Deadline: July 31

Length: Unstated (starts September 2016)

Comments: To”teach courses within the RCST major including, but not limited to, Introduction to the Study of Race and Culture, Race Privilege and Power, Liberation and Social Change, Research Methodologies in Race and Culture Studies, and Senior Capstone.” Must have “Master’s Degree in Ethnic Studies, Race and Culture Studies, Critical Race Theory, Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or other related field in the Social Sciences and Humanities.”


Eastern Washington University Lectureship in American Indian Studies

Deadline: July 31

Length: Unstated (starts September 2016)

Comments: To”teach courses within the AIS minor including, but not limited to, Introduction to Indian Studies, American Indian History, Federal Indian Law & Policy, Native American Cinema, Native American Literature and courses focused on Native American/Indigenous Research Methodologies. Must have “Master’s Degree in general American Indian studies, history, federal policy and law, anthropology, sociology, political science, government, film studies and literature.”


University of Missouri Postdoctoral Fellowship in Black Studies and Political Science

Deadline: July 15 (review begins — posted on Vitae 7/12)

Length: 2 years (starts fall 2016)

Comments: “The candidate should have a research interest in African American politics and political behavior, race and politics, and/or politics of the African Diaspora. The teaching load is one course per semester, including “Race, Class, and US Social Policy,” “African American Politics,” or “American Government.””


University of Maryland-College Park Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture

Deadline: July 22

Length: 2 years (starts no later than February 1, 2017)

Comments: “These are full-time, professional-track faculty appointments for two years connected to our Andrew W. Mellon-funded initiative “Synergies among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture” ( AADHum).” “Ph.D., or equivalent terminal degree in African American Studies, Art History, United States Labor History, United States or Global Migration Studies,  Digital Media, Historical and Cultural Visualization, Cultural Studies or a related field.” Must have completed PhD since May 2011 and by start date.


University of San Diego Visiting Assistant Professorship in American Indian Studies

Deadline: July 20

Length: 1 year (2016-17)

Comments: “All candidates must hold a PhD or terminal degree in Ethnic Studies or related field and show evidence of strong teaching.

URL: USanDiego American Indian Studies

University of Puget Sound Post-Doctoral Fellowship/Visiting Assistant Professorship in African American Studies/Race and Pedagogy Institute

Deadline: July 8

Length: Renewable for up to 3 years (starts fall 2016 or spring 2017)

Comments: “Qualifications: Ph.D. in African American Studies, or related discipline (ABD considered). While the program is open to a variety of academic areas across the entire liberal arts, we will give preference to scholar/teachers with expertise in the physical or social sciences and to experience or expertise in community-based learning.”


St. Cloud University Visiting Assistant Professorship in Sociology

Deadline: July 24

Length: 1 year

Comments: ” The position assignment will include teaching assignments that may include: 1) undergraduate level Sociology of Age and Aging and Sociology of Health and Illness; 2) Practical Research and Writing; 3) Race/Ethnicity and Social Problems.”

URL: St. Cloud Sociology

California State University-San Bernardino Visiting Assistant Professorship in Communication/Media Studies

Deadline: July 11

Length: 1 year

Comments: “The successful candidate must be able and excited to teach Media and Culture, as well as Gender, Race, and Media. Additionally, the candidate should be able to teach 2-3 upper division electives in our curriculum from among: International Communication; Communication Law; Media Effects; Advertising as Social Communication; Media, Sex and Violence; Critical Approaches to Communication; Persuasion; Rhetorical Theory.”


McGill University Postdoctoral Fellowship in Studies of Early Modern Europe

Deadline: July 15

Length: 1 year with possibility of a 1-year renewal

Comments: Project is “Early Modern Conversions: Religions, Cultures, Cognitive Ecologies:” “Early Modern Conversions is a five-year, international, interdisciplinary project (2013-2018) that studies how early modern Europeans changed their confessional, social, political, and even sexual identities. These subjective changes were of a piece with transformations in their world— the geopolitical reorientation of Europe in relation with the Ottoman Empire and the Americas; the rethinking of Latin Antiquity; changes in the built environment; the reimagining of God.”