University of California-Riverside Assistant Professorship in Indigenous Studies

Deadline: January 4 (first review date)

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Preference will be given to candidates with one or more of the following research interests and expertise:

*Candidates whose research focus is Native American/Indigenous arts and knowledge, including, but not limited to: art, art history, comparative global Indigenous studies; dance; digital arts and new media; education; environmental justice/sustainability; film and visual culture; gender, queer, and sexuality studies; history; Indigenous methodologies; languages; legal studies; literary studies; music; performance and media arts; politics; public policy; public/contemporary art; sociology; sovereignty; and/or theater. Particular consideration will be given to scholars working in the field of California Indian Studies and scholars who are engaged in community-based research.

*Candidates with an interest in exploring scholarly and artistic intersections, interdisciplinary, community-based, and/or international collaboration.

*Candidates with expertise in Native American/Indigenous global health; Indigenous medical knowledge with a research orientation that recognizes connections between history, culture, policy and physical health of humans and the environment; Indigenous science and technology studies; property and intellectual rights vis-à-vis medicine; and/or health and social justice.”



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